Shall We Tell The President? By Jeffrey Archer – If You Can’t Stop Them, Kill Them!


Another wonderful thriller from the legend, Jeffrey Archer. I am a self-confessed fan of his writing and he dishes out yet another wonderfully written thriller, which is crisp yet detailed, fast paced yet descriptive. This book will surely keep one on the edge of their seats. Story which was originally written with a male President figure in mind. But upon success of Kane & Abel and Prodigal Daughter, it only made sense for Archer to modify this one and have the lady President.

Story begins with a random phone call where the person wants to talk to FBI, ahh who doesn’t, but before anyone can find out what happened, people start dying. There is just one junior officer who knows that someone is trying to kill the president, and one of the senators is involved. What next? Who can he go for help, now that his peer and boss are both dead! To make it even worse, he is falling in love with one of the suspect senator’s daughter.

Story is gripping and a keeps you glued to the book, though the story is a little bit flawed as well. Who discusses President’s murder plot during a lunch in a restaurant? Not professionals for sure! Do you really plot to kill the president only to delay passing of a bill? The story is based around the President and tries to make the novel as the sequel to Prodigal Daughter, where Florentyne Kane after lifelong struggle manages to win the election and become the first ever Woman President of US, but this novel hardly has a role for her. She is mentioned; the plot is to kill her but that’s it. She is not among the main characters all through the novel.

Though the suspense was good, and the main protagonist went step by step in a methodical way solving the puzzle, the story lacked strength in my personal opinion. That is not to say it wasn’t a delightful read, but then you expect a little something more from Jeffrey Archer, not a loose storyline or unbelievable plot line.

The characters are well defined, each has a distinct personality which shows through the novel. There are moments of sheer hopelessness and nervousness that one feels as a reader, mirroring the emotions of the protagonist and that is the strength of a good author, they make the reader feel connected with not just the protagonist but also with the story. As a reader you are fully involved and dedicated to finding out who wants to kill the President and in your own mind you are wondering, Shall we tell the President??!! Go read it, if you haven’t… !