The Case for Proudly owning a Rock for Private Protection


Decide up a rock. You will have 4 main selections on what to do with it. You possibly can take a look at it and drop it and transfer on. You possibly can throw it and perhaps trigger some property injury. You possibly can throw it at somebody and trigger bodily injury to that individual. You possibly can throw it at somebody who’s carrying a child and God forbid, trigger bodily injury to the infant.

The answer to stopping three of these selections, in keeping with present pondering in the US, is to register or ban the rock. In any case, not everybody ought to be allowed to deal with rocks – particularly individuals who haven’t correctly used rocks earlier than or might have one thing of their background that point out they don’t seem to be able to utilizing a rock correctly.

However that won’t resolve the issue. What about individuals who misuse kitchen knives, and scissors, and cord, and hatchets, and axes, and machetes, and gasoline, and matches, and damaged bottles, and fertilizer, and hedge trimmers, and rat poison, and garden chemical compounds, and vehicles , and coat hangers, and electrical cords, and swimming swimming pools, and bathtubs, and arrows, and bows, and spears, and sharpened sticks, and sling-shots, and hammers, and ice picks, and screw drivers, and spikes, and chains , and spades, and picks, and glass items, and black powder, and meat hooks, and mace, and pepper spray, and stun weapons, and sure, even tasers?

Within the mistaken fingers, nearly something will be harmful and generally deadly. And sure, there’ll all the time exist the necessity for efficient private self protection measures comparable to physique armor or bullet proof vests or explosive detection gadgets. Regulation enforcement officers and others within the enterprise of homeland safety have an actual must put on physique armor and take different private self protection measures to make sure their private self protection in opposition to all kinds of weapons.

Possibly it’s time we took a extra reasoned method. Possibly it’s time we held individuals chargeable for their actions. Corporations that neglect to set excessive coaching requirements in how issues are to be correctly used ought to pay a excessive value, too.

In any case, why blame the rock?