The United States Needs a Sports Minister to Fight Obesity



Citizens of the United States of America are beginning to get very fat and although no one wants to be called fat they are rather obese. The United States of America therefore needs a sports Minister to help fight this obesity problem and prevent diabetes from overrunning our health-care system. We can not afford to have 30% of our population with diabetes, as it leads to all kinds of other health ailments and diseases.

During the Presidency of George Bush Sr. you may recall that Arnold Schwarzenegger had put together a fitness plan and was touring around helping children in school in their PE or physical education programs. We need to get back to that, but this time we need a sports minister and cabinet member to the president of the United States of America.

I propose that this be a permanent Cabinet member of every pending new presidential administration. This will be someone who will help not only children but also get America back walking again. Even older folks need to walk between two and 3 miles per day.

This will increase life longevity, prevent early health issues which will cost taxpayers billions of dollars in the future and it will bring a positive outlook to our citizenry because they will be fit and healthy. There is not one single good argument against this proposal and therefore I rest my case. Make it so and get it done.